Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 11 and 12

Our flight was delayed by 6 hours due to Icelandic volcanic ash. We ended up missing our connecting flight by 20 minutes... which in turn delayed us for an entire day to get home. However we were able to see some of Amsterdam. Neat town with great architecture but a bad vibe with all the immoral activities. Had a great dinner in town and no sleep as we waited around the aiport.
God continues to keep me open and willing to His plans!
Ran into Amy Aupperlee this morning, Day 12 while walking to my terminal. A fun treat God provided during a unrestful time. Flew home with an E3 team from Sudan.

Day 10

Didnt do much today. Went back to Karatu from camping, then drove to the airport. Our flight is delayed due to the volcanic ash.... so far we are delayed almost 6 hours with no certainty of the next flight from Amsterdam.
God is again making us rely on Him and trust His ways. longing for my bed. :)

side note: Lewis almost fell off the bus today. He was standing by the door when he bumped it and the door opened. He screamed like he honestly thought he was falling out of the bus. I have NEVER laughed so hard! My abs hurt and tears were flowing from both eyes. I continue to laugh everytime I'm reminded about his scream and face.

Thankful for new friends and the trip.
Suz- great testimony and encouragement for friends that have fallen away.
Carl and Lewis- didnt get to know them much but glad they made the trip.
John- a vetinarian, talks a lot but has a great heart.
Lydia- a vetinarian. more reserve but had a great devotional this week for us.
all the translators- whom I will see again one day.
Mike Talley- a great man of God with a passion for sharing the Gospel. He is a great leader and no doubt will have a crown with many jewels in heaven.

final trip numbers: 6,000+ heard the Gospel.
2,891 new believers!

a very successful trip!

Day 9

Today was a simple day. We toured the crater and saw many animals. Water buffalo, a few lions, elephants, monkeys, hippos and a rhino, but no giraffes.
We had a great group discussion around a campfire. Many stars scattered throughout the sky.

Day 8

Writing this a day late, hopefully I remember all that happened. We worked with the Maasai again today around the crater as a group. We were able to visit two different villages. I was able to lead the group at the second village. Gos is good and I am thankful that He chose to use me! Many accepted salvation!
AN older man approached me smiling after I presented. He looked blind, but could see. His eyes were white. God immediately told me, I once was blind but now I see. It made me so thankful for stepping out and following Gods will.
At the first village we saw the Maasai warriors dance, which is, in reality, jumping. It was amazing to see how high they could jump.
I was also invited into another hut. THis one was bigger than most. It had four rooms and a fire pit inside that kept the house warm. The hut 'owner' told us about Maasai traditions and that he has a wife because he killed a lion. He was 28 at the time. They kill lions by wrapping their left arm with lost of cloth so the lion can bite their arm and not hurt them. Then while the lion is distracted, they stab the lion with their right arm. They said you must be very confident in this. haha! duh!
We camped tonight outside of the crater. It is massive and impressive. The vastness cannot be determined without being inside. WE saw zebras, elephants and many wild donkeys today. Our group is definitely growing and being used by God. We are all learning to trust in Him with all that happens. Not my will but His be done.

Day 7 (5/14/10)

When Jesus sets you free, you are free indeed! I have come to realize that I lay all things aside for the sake of the Gospel. I feel free to leave if God calls. I have never felt this relief of burden before. Now I will wait to see if God calls or if He was seeing if I would be willing. (Jeremiah 29:11)
Today we went back to the Maasai village. It was a slower day but again, our day was not according to our plans. We were stopped in a town for being in an unsafe vehicle. While the ticket situation was being worked out, we all dispersed to present the Gospel. There were 17 saved at this stop... and no ticket was given to the driver.
At the Maasai village we came upon a few groups and had many salvations at each stop. I am thankful yet again to be able to work with the Maasai!
Had a discussion with Suz in the car and Jeremy on the porch. Mainly about the willingness to go where God calls. Thankful for the friendships. Suz has an amazing story that helps me to contiue to strive for the lost sheep.

Day 6

God is good. Amen! I was very blessed today by God. Having been disappointed the last few dyas with the lack of contact with kids, He provided many for me to witness to today. We went to the Maasai village (.com) which was exciting in itself and another answered prayer. They were very nice and receptive to us. One Maasai villager, Saikoni Lemug asked me to see his hut. I was very appreciateive for the offer.
We witnessed to 50 Maasai at this same village, our second village of the day, Miowambu. Most there are already Christians because our main Maasai pastor, Nicodemous, preaches at their church, which is two trees. There were 3 new believers that heard the story of Jesus for the very first time!
We then left and went to the market. Tehre were at least a 1,000 Maasai there trading and selling. WE split up and 'attacked' the market. God again blessed me with children. I was just starting a conversation with a man when 26 school children walked up. They all listened very intently and understood what they heard. The ALL accepted Christ as their Savior! Praise God!
Our share time tonight was great. Everyone is allowing God to work His plans and to keep our own our of the picture. We still do not have permission to witness inside of the crater but understand that Gods plan is much better than ours could ever be!
I am very thankful that I could work with the Maasai today. Going back tomorrow to share the Good News as well. I'm also excited that I was able to buy a Maasai knife today. Hoping it makes it back to the states in one piece.

Day 5

Today during our morning devotional we decided that we will go see the Maasai Friday. We currently do not have permission because they are inside the crater. WE are praying that God removes these barriers for us. The Maasai have been on my heart since I heard about this trip.
After lunch we continued door to door evangelism. WE ran into Christians today but have had the chance to lead others to Christ as well.
God also blessed me by getting the chance to share Christ with 30 or so school children! These kids have made me smile all week. I'm probably the first white person they have ever seen.
We are expecting more tonight for church, including many kids. God has a plan... waiting to see what it is!
So its night now and the afternoon was disappointing. We did not evangelize and no one showed for our discipleship. Gods ways are greater than mine. His plan is perfect!
As for the Maasai, we still do not have permission to go into the crater but we all feel God is leading us in that direction. I've had the Maasai on my heart for some time now. God is good and can perform miracles.